Hello, world! (to anyone who is reading this blog post, you are a rock star!)

This is McKell, I am an owner of Davis Marketing & Media with Chase. I am 27, love business, marketing & content creation… On a more personal level, I love my dog, chocolate, fashion & Disneyland- just in case you wanted to know!

So the BIG reason as to why I am writing this is, to give some context as to WHERE IT ALL STARTED for me.

I was hired fresh out of college to be the University of Utah’s Marketing Manager, where I handled all things social media, web design/management, content & marketing for the big 6 auxiliaries on campus- it was a DREAM job just being fresh out of college and I had to pinch myself every day I stepped foot into my office, not joking!

I learned A LOT, grew A LOT, gained A LOT of friendships & all of that ultimately led me to where & who I am today.

Keep on reading if you want to hear more about what I am about to share with you… it’s good, I promise and you don’t want to miss it!

I am going to talk about the power of execution.

One of my many projects while working at the University of Utah was to market the venue space, The Tower at Rice Eccles.

At the time we wanted to advertise the venue as a wedding venue, so here’s what I did to make that happen.

Here are ALL the steps that I took to hone into the power of EXECUTION:

#1. Meetings, meetings, meetings, lots of planning & more meetings. 

It was very important that I understood clearly what needed to happen, the goals of The Tower, sales & financial goals, advertising budget, and the overall vision.

End goal = get more weddings booked at the Tower.

By being able to communicate effectively & understand the end goal was the secret to the success of the marketing strategy before it was even executed.

#2. Who was in my circle of influence that I could connect with. 

With our goal of booking more weddings at The Tower, I knew that I had to pull all of my wedding industry networks together. It just so happened that I had been introduced to quite a few people in Utah who worked in the wedding industry, so I called each one of them and asked them out to lunch.

Mary Craft’s, founder of Culinary Crafts

Lindsay Shaun, wedding photographer

Cassidy Harrison, founder of Flour & Flourish Cake

Decor: Diamond Rental Events, Creative Coverings & In The Event

Wedding Dress: Alta Moda Bridal 

Jeweler: Sierra-West Jewelers 

Hair & Makeup: Versa Artistry 

Networking & leveraging my assets were key in our success. I cannot stress enough about how important relationships are (SO IMPORTANT).

Be a friend to all, serve them, wish them a happy birthday, take them out for lunch, help them when they need it. Treat your relationships like they are worth millions of dollars and they will pay you back for years to come.

#3. Understanding the correct “marketing medium”.

It was & still is important to understand how platforms are always changing but to know each one, how they work and if they are a good fit for you is when you can scale your marketing efforts. (billboards, magazines, Facebook, TV, etc.)

Platforms will ALWAYS change but creative content is always constant. PERIOD.

The more you understand your medium, the more you can leverage your piece of content on the best fitting platform.

For this specific campaign at The Tower, we chose to go with a major magazine, Utah Bride & Groom, run an Instagram & Pinterest account. We created a simple landing page on the website about info specifically about booking weddings at The Tower & ran ads on those platforms.

#4. Execution Time!

By being able to do all 3 steps above prior to executing The Tower’s advertising campaign, it helped us in creating this specific campaign that would reap the benefits for years to come & it still is.

Creating a piece of content that spoke so passionately and professionally that showcased the venue, was the magic that happened & key to our major success.


January 20th, 2016

Here’s me (a very young 23-year-old) holding the end outcome. The Tower’s spread in Utah Bride & Groom Magazine.

Now that’s what you call horrible blonde hair & a killer marketing story! -Haha!

Here are a few shots that came from the campaign.

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.” – Pam Moore

If you made it to the end, you are officially my new biggest fan & best friend (launch date on me)!

Thank you for reading and following along. Please let us know, how we can help show YOUR truth.

McKell S. Davis