Are you a business owner who is currently stressed, nervous, nauseated, freaking out or maybe just feeling bored? (all business owners better be raising their hands high right now… I am raising mine!)

It’s scary times, I know. I am a business owner & am feeling the weight on my back.

About one week into the COVID-19 outbreak & being quarantined at home I just had enough. My concern for the world, the economy & my family were at an all-time high. All I could think to myself is that there HAS TO be a way to get through all of this with a positive attitude and get positive results (and no, I am not talking about testing positive for the Coronavirus).

That’s why I am writing this. I am writing this for all those people who need to keep thriving & living their life to the fullest during these uncertain times.

I am talking all about how to keep your business going during the quarantine with social media.

Now more than ever people are turning to social media to be social. Social distancing is keeping people away, so leverage those extra virtual eyes on YOU. Make new social friends. Start new conversations. Shout out, @tag & #hashtag. Start REAL conversations on your Instagram account. Make your followers feel genuine & be able to trust you. Support them & they will support you back!

Use this time for your business to BE SOCIAL.

Now is quite possibly THE best time for your business to grow. Don’t let the negativity beat you down. While everyone else is binge-watching Netflix, go the extra mile. Give more effort, love, sweat & put your heart into your business.

Trust me… it will pay off!

Here are some ideas to keep your business going during the quarantine with social media:

  1. Host a giveaway
  2. Run an exclusive promotion
  3. Create a #hashtag campaign
  4. Be consistent & Engage with your fans!
  5. Collaborate (Cue High School Musical music, “Were All In This Together”)

Host a Giveaway

Give back to your fans. That’s what this time is all about anyways, giving & serving each other as best we can. What a better way to give back then to ‘give away’ something awesome -see what I did there!

Giveaways don’t need to be crazy. You don’t need to give away a brand new car (unless you really want to & if you do then I hope I win). It can be a free T-shirt, gift card, or basic service. Craft up something that fits your business & go for it.

Running a giviaway can help create buzz for your business, bring in new fans that want to share the love about your business.

Running a giveaway is a win-win in my book!


Run an Exclusive Promotion 

Ding, ding, ding…. we have a winner! This is a KILLER marketing strategy for your business & one that you definitely don’t want to skip over.


Well, why not.

I found that over the years, the name of the game with business is just solving problems. Some are big problems, some not so big but almost always there are problems & how your react to those problems as a business owner could be life-changing for you.

It’s time to turn the negative into a positive.

Run 50% OFF Clearance items, BOGO, 15% OFF to anyone who shares our post & tags us, etc.

Get creative. Create an exclusive promotion for your business… NOW!


Create a #hashtag Campaign 

Some of the top trending #hashtags right now are, #covid, #covid19, #socialdistancing & #socialdistancing2020.

  1. Number one, use these!
  2. And number two, create your very own hashtag.

Just like these current trending hashtags, you should be creating one for you!

See how many fans you can get to support, share & use the #hashtag in their posts… BAM.

Ladies & gentleman, that’s what we call “Free Marketing”.


Be Consistent & Engage with Your Fans

During these uneasy, scary times it can be easy to skip out on a day of posting… DON’T DO IT!

Now is the time to push more than ever.

Go the extra mile in liking a few extra posts & leaving some extra love on your fans feeds.

Feel like giving up?

Just give me a call (801) 721-5654 & I promise that I will change your mind.



We really are “All In This Together”… If you don’t think so, then think again! That’s what makes the world so great. I help you, you help me…we ALL need each other.

Team up with a local business, influencer or friend. Create an awesome giveaway, promotion or #hashtag campaign.

Sometimes 2 ideas are better than one.

Plus, collaborating is twice as great. Everything is better in 2’s -anyone else with me?!


And there you have it! My 5 ideas on How To Keep Your Business Going During The Quarantine With Social Media.

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Thanks for reading,

XOXO, McKell!